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The essence of travel

I'm a bit of a jaded old thing when it comes to travel. If I'm not in boarding group one, I'm not happy. (Well, you know, back in the days when there was a boarding group one.)

Which is why I love this video about travelling across America by train that I randomly came across on Youtube. Settle back with a cuppa and a Hobnob and enjoy.

It's by a young English guy, Tom Thornton, and his girlfriend who are visiting the States for the first time and doing it on a budget. I think it just beautifully captures the essence of travel, meeting people, the thrill of a first-time journey and the joy of seeing all those places that you'd only ever watched on TV or at the movies. I might be a bit jaded when it comes to travel these days but I remember being this guy and it's an amazing feeling.

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