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How can travel brands win fans?

Steve Wheen set up distillery in 2014. It’s a content studio that helps “brands win fans” through social media and now has offices in...

Longing for Italy

2020 was supposed to be the year that Emily FitzRoy celebrated two decades of her award-winning company Bellini Travel, the UK’s...

The essence of travel

I'm a bit of a jaded old thing when it comes to travel. If I'm not in boarding group one, I'm not happy. (Well, you know, back in the...

In Rome a pivot from beehive to bagels

Linda Martinez and Steve Brenner, originally from the US, have run The Beehive Hostel in Rome since 1999. When the tourism sector died...

Where do explorers explore in lockdown?

“Explorer” isn’t something you see on too many CVs these days. But the description certainly applies to 32-year-old George Bullard whose...

PR in a Pandemic

Rachel O’Reilly is Head of Communications for tour operator Kuoni in the UK. Having worked in the travel industry for 25 years Rachel...

True confessions of a flight attendant

There are lots of online forums where the public give feedback on airlines…but what do the staff of those airlines think about us, the...

Past Travels: South Africa by train

I can't believe it's fifteen years since I was in South Africa to research this particular story that appeared in The Guardian,...

All Yorkshire Holidays Great And Small

I'm showing my age, but anyone who grew up in Britain in the 1980s will probably remember this theme tune if they watched Sunday night...

Leaving so Sudan?

“I’m excited to talk about Sudan,” says Londoner Jaymini Patel who last year backpacked on her own around the northeast African country...

Will the hills be alive this winter?

We live in strange times. Who, even earlier this year, could have predicted that any Brit holidaying in France or Spain this summer would...

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